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The Grey Dance of Love

The Grey Dance of Love is based on 200+ books and 1200+ articles, an in-depth experiment and my personal experience. It is a mixture of intensive research, formulas and stories to give you a step by step guide for relationships. Inside you will find:

  • An Enchanting Love Story
  • 1 Magical Formula
  • 8 Characters (You are 1 of Them)
  • 8 Tailored Love Potions to Solve All Relationship Problems
  • A step by step guide to take you from where you are to where you want to be
Grey Dance of Love by George Araman

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George Araman, Author

A word from the author

“Discover the missing link that makes all relationships magical for a lifetime!”

The answer has always been here and there but never in one place. For a long time I couldn’t understand why, until I stumbled upon this quote by Toni Morrison: “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.“ This was my calling!

I was looking for a step by step guide to finding love that lasts; from how to create sparks to how to deepen intimacy & connection and more; I couldn’t find all the answers in one place. I also noticed that most of the relationship books were geared to women and for women, alienating men and/or not explaining relationships from a man's perspective and furthermore, written from a place of conditional love or from a place of two single people in a relationship.

So I wrote this book for both men and women who want a step by step guide to create and find love that lasts. I created along the way 8 relationship characters (of which you are one) in order to help facilitate your journey and integrated both the science and psychology aspects to make this book a multifaceted and complete one.

Sending you Love & Light,
Your Partner in Unconditional Love,

George Araman Signature

What others are saying

Brian Tracy

“This is a helpful, uplifting book, full of good ideas for you to start and build loving relationships with other people in your life.”

— Brian Tracy, Author of 'Stay in Love Forever'

Andrew G Marshall

“George Araman has taken the leading names in therapy and distilled their advice down into a book that will make you look at your relationships in a fresh light.”

— Andrew G Marshall, Marital Therapist and Author of the International Best Seller 'I love you but I'm not in love with you.

Nicholas Boothman

“A rewarding love-potion for the broken-hearted.”

— Nicholas Boothman, Author of 'How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less

Bruce Cryer

“It is easy to be lost in the maze of relationship confusion, hurt, disappointment and heartbreak. Author George Araman has brought light to the relationship darkness so many people experience. Through his accessible and profound personality analysis, insightful understandings of partner dynamics, and his loving, thorough advice, George takes us on a journey guaranteed to reveal hidden treasures we can use to enjoy relationship fulfillment, perhaps even for a lifetime. Read this book, find yourself in it, and bask in your newfound confidence, personal power, compassion, and love.”

— Bruce Cryer, Founder, Renaissance Human, former CEO - HeartMath, singer, dancer, photographer, writer, artist and lover of life

Tina Dietz

“George Araman has pulled back the curtain on the complex and often confusing topic of romantic and intimate relationships with a fresh perspective. In this book, he lays out a clear framework to help you understand the cacophony of thoughts, feelings, and emotions you experience. Starting where you are, he provides pragmatic strategies and steps you can take to take your most important love relationship to greater levels of passion and fulfillment, and how to keep the flame alive once you're there. This book should be required reading for every adult.”

— Tina Dietz, MS NCC, Internationally acclaimed speaker, audio publisher, and influence marketing expert

Robert Clancy

“The perfect guide to decoding yourself and the perfect relationship. What could be more wonderful than a book that teaches you how to love with all your heart. The Grey Dance of Love is beautifully written book for couples seeking romance on all levels.”

— Robert Clancy, International Bestselling Author of Soul Cyphers, Spiritual Teacher and Co-Host of The Mindset Reset Show

George Araman, Author

Author Biography

By dancing between his heart and his mind, George Araman has created a 50-year vision of spreading some much-needed love around the get ready for the Relationship Entrepreneur.

George was blessed to have been “friend-zoned” by his ex-best friend, as this allowed him to discover his life’s purpose. Since then, he has dedicated himself to researching, experimenting, and writing. He wrote The Grey Dance of Love to show singles, “friend-zoned” individuals, and couples how to create sparks—and how to be and grow in a magical relationship.

George believes that all the world’s problems can be solved if we never give up. His message to you: “Your greatest treasure lies in your greatest struggle. If you never give up, even life itself will want to help you and make everything possible for you.”

He plans on traveling around the world with his life partner. He has already seen more than 30 cities in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and he has been exposed to 26 different nationalities.

George is a proud member of Loudspeakers Toastmasters Club. He is also an avid reader of personal development books.

Meet George and discover your Relationship Character Type at